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Transforming science into business with impact

We are a Venture Capital, supporting the development of scientific and technological startups, and we are driven by revolutionary ideas that solve the greatest problems posed by modern life.

We understand that knowledge and talent are crucial factors in creating change and progress in our society.

Turning ideas into startups is a winding but exciting road… and we love it! Therefore, if you have an innovative idea and share our passions, come join our path! We are sure that investments alone are not enough, that is why we are willing to open our doors and lend a helping hand to you, entrepreneurs.

We invest in DeepTech

Deep technology was impossible in the past, it is barely feasible today, and may soon become so persistent and impactful to the point we can hardly remember life without it.


Up to USD 750.000 (Seed)
Up to USD 600.000 (Follow-on)

Active Management

Management team available for the startup


Access to global networks of mentors, strategic partners, experts, entrepreneurs, and investors


Fab-lab, wet-lab and spin-off labs. Co-working spaces and private offices in Sunchales, CABA and Bariloche

patents in progress
linked scientists
invested companies

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Let’s make a difference

Many of the solutions to humanity’s great problems lie dormant on laboratory counters, experimental nights, and hallway talks.

CITES trusts that the only way to social, environmental and economic development in Argentina and the region is one based on science and emerging technologies.

If you are willing to get up every morning and do your part, from the south of the continent, to bridge the development gap with the rest of the planet, we will walk hand in hand with you.

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We are involved in The United Nations Global Compact

A special partner

To help us on this trip, we added an exceptional co-pilot… one who has already travelled the road in other latitudes in the “Startup Nation”.

Traveling from Israel to Sunchales every month, Oren Gershtein and IdealityRoads unfolded the roadmap before our eyes and accompanied us on this fascinating itinerary. They brought us industry best practices, experiences, and the know-how necessary to understand every stretch of the deep tech investment map.

Since 2014, IdealityRoads has worked closely with CITES and the portfolio companies and becoming a special partner.

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