Carolina Giusti

Lawyer graduated from the School of Legal and Social Sciences of the National Litoral University (2013). Since the early stages of her career, she focused on the study of the national health system, and in 2017 she graduated in Analysis and Management of Social and Prepaid Medicine (University I, Health). In 2019 she received intensive training in Disability and Rights at the School of Law, University of Buenos Aires (UBA).

Between 2013 and 2018, she was an integral legal advisor at Prevention Salud S.A. She was an institutional reference before the National Superintendency of Health Services, and has an extensive experience in the review of commercial contracts, as well as procedure management before INCUCAI and ANMAT, among other areas.

CITES chose her especially to collaborate with the startups in our portfolio and in 2019 she began her journey through Venture Capital.
Her desire and efficiency highlight her value within the team.