We invested in Ergo BioScience, a biotechnology startup

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30 December, 2019

We invested in Ergo BioScience, a biotechnology startup

Recently and in accordance with our objective of transforming the productive matrix of the country through knowledge economy, we have decided to invest in Ergo BioScience SAS, a biotechnological based startup oriented to the development and production of food ingredients and plant-based foods.

With genetic engineering tools and without using animals, Ergo BioScience succeeds in producing exactly the same proteins that are present in food of animal origin, allowing them to reproduce their organoleptic characteristics and improving their nutritional properties. In this way, they can produce meat products such as hamburgers and fermented dairy products such as blue cheese and yogurt, as exquisite as the ones with animal origin, but using only plant-based ingredients.

Currently, the graduate in biotechnology Alejandro Barbarini and a multidisciplinary team international and from CONICET, are working to improve the food prototypes, to optimize the productive process and to finish defining their business strategy for A series.

In this way, even in a complex scenario such as the current crisis produced by the COVID-19 pandemic, we still support deep tech companies, convinced that that is the best way to a higher development.