Stradot pasa a la acción a gran escala junto a Renault Group

Stradot takes large-scale action together with Renault Group

The company in our portfolio and the automotive manufacturer Renault Group conducted a three-week campaign of intensive testing of the robotic parking system developed by Stradot at the manufacturer’s Flins-sur-Seine site.

The solution marketed by Stradot has unique features, allowing vehicles to be moved in very dense logistical areas and parked even closer to each other, thereby achieving between 30% and 100% additional storage capacity.

The transport robot is capable of handling a wide variety of vehicles. Small, large, light, heavy, electric, or thermal models participated. Renault Group created an operational context as realistic as possible to evaluate the performance and reliability of this innovative robotic solution. It was at a logistics center located west of Paris where the diamond brand tested the innovation of the Franco-Argentinian startup with satisfactory results, according to members of the group’s Outbound Logistics team, marking a crucial step towards a broader deployment of the solution.

This robot can work alone or in a fleet, coordinated by an automatic control tower. It is particularly suitable for operating in outdoor conditions where rain, fog, a wide thermal range, and darkness may occur. It also demonstrated its adaptability by actively participating in the logistics site’s operations: every day, it had to move cars destined for delivery, among other tasks. Additionally, the site’s geometry was adapted multiple times, validating the great flexibility that mobile robotics offers without modifying the site’s infrastructure.

The initial results are promising for considering its use on an industrial scale, according to the automotive manufacturer. Other large-scale demonstrations will be conducted in the coming weeks with other European companies.

Stradot Opens Up to a Global Market Thanks to Its Innovation

This robotic system addresses a serious problem of space shortage and labor scarcity in industrial sites. A typical application, for example, is preparing shipping lines overnight to expedite truck shipments in the morning, thus improving distribution flows that are currently saturated in many countries.

In addition to logistics sites, factories, and vehicle export-import ports, Stradot’s solution perfectly adapts to urban contexts. There are numerous consultations and projects underway for airports, transit stations, to name just a few applications.

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