Phylumtech is a company focused on creating agile and effective solutions for the discovery of new drugs and molecules using in vivo experimentation models. It combines biotechnology, automation, software and bioinformatics, with a vision to democratize and bring new drug discoveries to the cloud.

With WMicrotracker ONE and WMicrotracker ARENA, users can easily perform automatic measurements of thousands of drugs in small organisms: worms, fish, parasites, invertebrates and any organism smaller than 10 mm in length. These capabilities are based on proprietary software that facilitates the monitoring of the results in real time in the Cloud.

These technologies have brought a disruptive innovation to the field of research on antiparasitic molecules. The company has published hundreds of international articles and has benchmark users from government centers and the pharmaceutical industry.

The company’s vision is to optimize the discovery of new drugs through direct testing in model organisms, making the process 100% online, automated, reliable and affordable.