Nectras has developed the world’s first stand-alone drone applicator with a combustion engine. This drone has unlocked the main limitation of electric and hybrid drones when applying pesticides and fertilizers on a large scale, doubling work capacity, and strongly reducing costs and environmental impact.

This technology is embedded in a proprietary platform that combines drone management and control software with IOT devices that gather information from the field, improving agricultural production in a traceable and sustainable manner.

All crop management is digital and automated, thus accelerating the gathering of all information necessary to make decisions, and ensuring a more efficient field management. The information obtained from IOT devices as well as drones and satellite images is processed and analyzed, providing structured information to easily access data from a smartphone or PC.

The Nectras system provides great benefits, saving agrochemicals, increasing crop quality, and expanding the access to new markets and improvements in field and/or corporate management.