Novartis and CITES signed an agreement for the promotion of new scientific and technological base companies

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8 August, 2017
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4 December, 2017

Novartis and CITES signed an agreement for the promotion of new scientific and technological base companies

NOVARTIS Argentina and CITES (Center for Technological, Business and Social Innovation) signed today an agreement to collaborate during two years in the generation of scientific-technological base startups with a positive social impact.

Through this agreement both companies commit themselves to drive actions to create startups, to develop investment vehicles for entrepreneurship capital, to train human resources related to these objectives and to transfer research and development results to the social – productive environment.

During the event, José Marcilla, Novartis Argentina President and General Director, said: “Signing this agreement is really meaningful for Novartis Argentina since it allows the design and generation of joint solutions for health customer service and health services quality. At the same time, it represents a further step for positioning Argentina in the same level with countries that are innovation leaders around the world.”

In this sense, Nicolás Tognalli CITES Manger pointed out: “We are very happy with this alliance which will contribute with the development of a high technology entrepreneur environment and with the generation of opportunities”.

Thus, Novartis reaffirms its commitment with scientific research, being innovation its main driving force for the development of new products which contribute to human progress by advances in science and health.

About Novartis Argentina
Novartis is a Swiss origin company which inspiration is health care of millions of patients around the world. With its headquarters in Basel, Novartis offers a diversified portfolio so as to better address these needs: innovative medicines, eye care and high quality generic medicines which help save money. Novartis is the only global company that has achieved leading positions in these areas.

Grupo Novartis Argentina, by its divisions Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Novartis Oncology, Sandoz and Alcon, employs more than 600 professionals, researchers and collaborators all around the country and it has had a sustained presence in this country for 20 years.