New regulations were announced in Sunchales to facilitate insurance companies’ investment in entrepreneurial projects

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23 July, 2018
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28 August, 2018

New regulations were announced in Sunchales to facilitate insurance companies’ investment in entrepreneurial projects

With the participation of CITES, the National Ministry of Production and the Superintendence of Insurance announced new regulations which will allow insurance companies to invest 1% of their funds to support entrepreneurial capital projects. On that basis, entrepreneurs will have greater access to funding for their projects.

The announcement was put into effect on August 14 in the Grupo Sancor Seguros New Corporate Building located in Sunchales (Santa Fe). The event was led by the Secretary of Entrepreneurs and SMEs of the Ministry of Production, Mariano Mayer; the National Superintendent of Insurance, Juan Pazo; and, as a host, our President and Group CEO, Alejandro Simón.

With this resolution, there is a new opportunity for insurance companies, one of the main investors in entrepreneurial capital worlwide. But essentially, it will allow entrepreneurs to have about $4 thousand million to drive their projects.

Specifically, and as the National Superintendent of Insurance explained, these new investment tools will permit insurance companies to be the main actors in the development of our country’s economy, since they can allocate up to 1% to invest in entrepreneurial capital funds in order to boost job creation.

The choice of the place where the announcement was made was not casual: in addition to being the leading insurance company in the Argentinian market, with a strong social mark, Grupo Sancor Seguros has been a pioneer regarding entrepreneur capital investment as of the setting up, in 2013, of our scientific-technological accelerator.

It must be emphasized that the event was attended by the local mayor, Gonzalo Toselli; the Departmental Senator, Alcides Calvo; entrepreneurs and venture capital funds; representatives of the main insurance associations and companies; Counselors and authorities of Grupo Sancor Seguros; Insurance Producers Advisors; members of regional intermediate organizations and special guests.

Agreement with UNL to launch the robotics degree

In this context, an agreement for the development of the Robotics degree in Sunchales was signed by Enrique Mammarela, UNL Rector; Gonzalo Toselli, local Mayor; José Sánchez, President of Grupo Sancor Seguros; Ulises Mendoza, President of Fundación Sancor Seguros representing the Instituto Cooperativo de Enseñanza Superior (ICES) and Alejandro Simón, as President of CITES.

This agreement will permit UNL to dictate the mentioned degree in Sunchales, for the purpose of including it into the proposal offered by Centro Universitario Sunchales (CUS), located in the facilities of Ciudad Verde.

This initiative emanates from the belief and need of generating academic studies in insufficiently exploited knowledge fields. This will allow the training of students in professions that will be demanded in the future, not developing proposals that have showed low levels of job insertion before the social and economic changes.

Within the framework of this ceremony, the guests could go round the CITES building, where our manager, Nicolás Tognalli, showed the startups and entrepreneurs portfolio, as well as the facilities and equipment.