INECO and CITES introduced a new center for neurological rehabilitation, research and knowledge

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13 March, 2018
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INECO and CITES introduced a new center for neurological rehabilitation, research and knowledge

The event was carried out at the building where the Center INECO-CITES for Neurological Rehabilitation, Research and Knowledge will work in the future and it had the presence of Dr. Facundo Manes, President of Fundación INECO and Alejandro Simón, President of CITES and CEO of Grupo Sancor Seguros.



On Tuesday, April 10th, officers from the Cognitive Neurology Institute (INECO, by its Spanish acronym) and from the Grupo Sancor Seguros officially introduced the Center INECO-CITES de Rehabilitación Neurológica, Investigación y Conocimiento, an initiative that arises from the strategic alliance that both organisms created at the end of 2017.



The event was carried out at the building where the center will be established (Marcelo T. de Alvear 1632, CABA). The event had the presence of José Sánchez, President of Sancor Seguros; Alejandro Simón, President of CITES and CEO of Grupo Sancor Seguros; Nicolás Tognalli, Manager of CITES; Dr. Facundo Manes, President of Fundación INECO, Dr. Gastón Manes, Founder and President of Grupo INECO and Dr. Marcelo Savransky, Treasurer of Fundación INECO.

The start up of this knowledge and innovation center occurs in relation to the agreement signed between Fundación INECO and CITES (Center for Technological, Business and Social Innovation, technological incubator of Grupo Sancor Seguros) to boost development, creativity and technological entrepreneurism with neuro-scientific base.

It will take a year of building and an investment of 80 million pesos in the newest technology related to neuro rehabilitation which is based on non-pharmacological therapies such as robotic, virtual reality, biofeedback and non-invasive brain stimulation, among others.

The origins of the project and its particular characteristics will strengthen even more the strategic alliances with the main research centers and universities of the world, allowing them to host national and international scientific meetings, which gives education and academic training a prominent space.

The President of Fundación INECO, Facundo Manes, said: “Facing global economical crisis, many people think that scientific research must generate economic returns and that basic science is a “luxury” reserved only for wealthy economies. We need to waste less energy in discussing whether Argentina should prioritize research and technological development and discus how science can contribute to the social and economic development of the country. Investing in basic science is investing in knowledge and knowledge impacts in the whole society and it helps to progress, especially on nations that need more development and social equity.”

On his part, Alejandro Simón, President of CITES and CEO of Grupo Sancor Seguros, said: “We are convinced that a Nation becomes great with a basis of small and medium enterprises with high added value, which research, develop, train and generate qualified jobs. We cannot all the solutions to Estate: as business people and part of the civil society, each one of us, from the role and position we have, we can help to generate better conditions that allow the boosting of regional economies and to contribute with the economic growth of our Argentina with social equity.”

Services at the Center

Located at the center of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, the center will served for the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of all brain pathologies both in adults and in children, thus providing care for more than 15,000 patients a year. In this way, through the use of new technologies and putting research at medicine´s service, we open the possibilities for great developments that boost a better life quality for those people that suffer from disabling diseases.

This new center is also thought as a point of neurological rehabilitation. Therefore, it will have a multidisciplinary, highly trained team focused on patients’ recovery so as to reach their reintegration into the family, social and working environments. It will have 29 doctors’ offices and 7 rooms for group’s treatment, besides a 200 square meters gym with technological equipment never seemed before in our country.

Likewise, the center will have a space for diagnosis and treatment especially designed with the highest quality standards for children with autistic disorders. Its aim will be to improve life quality of the children and their families, focusing on developing the autonomy, education and daily management of the family group all together. In this way, the center will offer an excellent care service to one of the most prevalent conditions of childhood, knowing that, is during the first years where we find more effective intervention chances.

An area exclusively for research

With the support of Fundación INECO and Fundación Grupo Sancor Seguros, education and training will have a prominent place in this project, which will strengthen current alliances with the main research centers and universities of the world, offering the possibility of becoming the hosting entity of important national and international scientific events. Therefore, its facilities will also have a 300 square meters auditorium with space for 350 people and the latest technological equipment.


INECO (Institute for Cognitive Neurology, for its Spanish acronym) has as fundamental basis the excellence interdisciplinary work together with research on neuroscience and permanent innovation for the approach not only of patients with neurological and psychiatric issues, but also of their families.

More than 100 professional people, among doctors and researchers, work exclusively in the study and treatment of neurological and psychiatric diseases under a model that allow the patients to access innovative treatments, which is achieved by the integration of multiple perspectives about their conditions with the aim of offering them the best possible quality of life.

CITES, an initiative of Grupo Sancor Seguros, is the first technological incubator of Latin America focused and specialized on developing high-tech startups that are complex, disruptive, with high impact and global reach, providing each start up with an investment of up to USD 500,000. CITES has had more than 500 mentored start ups, from which seven have been invested on: LAD (Llamando al Doctor, by its Spanish acronym), application that connects patients with doctors by videoconference ; iMvalv, which offers the first active and smart ophthalmologic device for regulating intraocular pressure derived from patients with glaucoma; ViewMind, focused in the development of a personalized medical device and a software to diagnose cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer disease; Eolo Pharma, dedicated to the prevention and treatment of metabolic disorders and cardiovascular diseases with chronic inflammatory origin; BioDrone, offers pest monitoring and control for the agronomic activities in real time; Phylumtech, which offers measures of drugs effects in small animals models; and RadBio, that it will change the paradigm on the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis through a precise diagnosis and its later treatment.

Its value proposal also includes active management and business international assessment; access to fully equipped laboratories, technological, market, legal and financial advice; and access to mentors, strategic partners, experts and entrepreneurs and investors at a global level. It is present in the cities of Sunchales (Santa Fe), Buenos Aires and San Carlos de Bariloche (Río Negro) thanks to the reciprocal collaboration agreement signed with Fundación INVAP, with the objective of boosting in these areas the possibilities of creation and establishment of new companies or startups with technological bases.