We obtained the First Prize in Conciencia 2018

The Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) will support CITES, the Innovation Center of Grupo Sancor Seguros, to boost an investment vehicle that fosters the creation of scientific-technological based entrepreneurships in Argentina
30 October, 2018
Sancor Seguros and Galeno together to boost “Llamando al Doctor”
15 November, 2018

We obtained the First Prize in Conciencia 2018

Last Thursday, November 1st, in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, it was carried out the seventh edition of the Conciencia Awards: a recognition to companies that carry out actions to foster a conscious action on the prevention of risks, prediction of behaviors or situations and the projecting of positive changes in order to achieve a more sustainable society with a better life quality for all those people that are part of it.



In this context, we introduced our initiative of “Boosting the Scientific-Technological Development on Entrepreneurs”, which received the First Prize. There we had the chance to say we are the first technological incubator in Latin America focused and specialized in developing high-tech startups that are complex, disruptive, with high impact and with global reach. Five years ago we started this dream, which from the beginning was thought as a new contribution that Sancor Seguros makes for society so as to move and boost the building of an entrepreneur and federal environment of high technology.

During that time, CITES has been positioned as the main scientific accelerator in Argentina and Latin America, creating more than 10 companies, offering more than 15 patents, investing more than USD 15,000, collaborating with the development of public policies, obtaining the Entrepreneurs Law, getting the regulation for the investment of insurance companies, creating other accelerators, among other achievements.

We have done all these from Sunchales, a small city in Argentina, which five years ago was not part of the innovation maps, and today it is presented as a lighthouse that illuminated the way towards knowledge economy.

The award is an important acknowledgment to the hard work that CITES has carried out in order to reach each of the above mentioned achievements.