Sergio Richter

Biomedical engineer graduated from the National University of Entre Ríos (2007), MBA in Technological Business Administration from the University of San Andrés and INVAP S.E. (2014).

Vastly experienced in technological development, project management and entrepreneurship, he has a long-standing background as a trainer in new business models for companies. He worked at INVAP S.E. as Project Director in complex technological systems, in the aerospace and medical areas (2008-2016) and was the founder of a startup to develop bionic hands (2007-2008) based on a patent of his own.

Self-taught since he completed his high-school education independently in his native Entre Ríos and a strong advocate for technologies.

CITES was looking for a professional who could settle in the south, near one of the largest knowledge powerhouses in the country, and Sergio was its most successful finding.