Gerardo Marchesini

Bachelor of Biology from the National University of Córdoba (2002) and Marie Curie Industry Fellow, Holland (2003). Doctor in Chemistry from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Holland (2008), PostDoc from the Rikilt Institute, Wageningen University and Research Center, Holland (2008). Researcher in Nanobiosciences at the Joint Research Center of the European Community and MBA with a specialty in Healthcare and Biotech at the IE Business School in Madrid, IE Entrepreneur Fellowship (2014).

Vast experience in the USA, Italy, Luxembourg, UK, Switzerland, Holland and Denmark in the development of technological businesses for new companies, early stage venture capital, international project management, technological entrepreneurship, scientific-technological research and applications.

He is an inventor and co-founder of Plasmore SRL (2009-2017, Italy) and Biosypher (2011-2016, England). After thirteen years of residing in the European community, he decided to come back to Sunchales.

He was an executive member of the CITES team for several years and brought a different look to the table. He is currently in a partner position from Europe, but his creative imprint continues to hover over the team in every discussion.