CITES invites entrepreneurs, scientists, and researchers to participate in our Venture Builder program for startups.

The program aims to identify, support, and accelerate the development of deeptech startups in their early stages. Through a combination of training and mentorship, we seek to transform innovative ideas into successful and sustainable tech companies capable of competing in the global market.

The call is directed towards entrepreneurs with disruptive technological projects and interdisciplinary teams focused on cutting-edge technology.


Call Opening: 06/03
Call Closing: 06/28
Project Evaluation and Selection: 07/01 to 07/22
Training and Workshops + Final Demoday: 08/01 to 09/19

The program covers essential topics including:

• Introduction to the Deeptech Venture Capital Industry: Understanding the ecosystem and key players.
• Idea Validation and Product Development: Strategies to transform ideas into viable products.
• Intellectual Property and Patents: Management and protection of technological innovations.
• Business Models and Monetization Strategies: Development of sustainable business plans.
• Financing and Financial Planning: Preparation to attract investment and manage resources.
• Team Development and Organizational Culture: Building effective teams and strong corporate cultures.
• Emerging Technologies and Trends: Exploration of advanced technologies and their applications.
• Networking and Strategic Collaborations: Creating contact networks and strategic alliances.

Interested parties must complete and submit their application through this form.

Selected projects will participate in virtual and in-person meetings and workshops. At the end of the program, some projects may be chosen for a Due Diligence process and receive an investment of up to USD 750,000 to found their tech startups.

Additionally, participants will receive ongoing support for two years in the form of incubation, access to advanced labs and technical resources, and strategic guidance in various areas to promote the sustainable growth of their startups.

For more details, please read the complete Terms and Conditions document.