CITES opened up its comprehensive center of 3D engineering

3rd National Week of the Technological Entrepreneur in Sunchales
15 September, 2015
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2 December, 2015

CITES opened up its comprehensive center of 3D engineering

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On last Wednesday, November, 25th, in an event led by the current Governor of Santa Fe Province, Antonio Bonfatti, the Center for Technological, Business and Social Innovation (CITES) of Grupo Sancor Seguros carried out the opening in Sunchales of its “Comprehensive Center of 3D Engineering for the development and manufacturing of special pieces with high added value for the SMEs of the region”.

The aim of this initiative is to generate a platform of comprehensive and cutting edge work in the country that allows the offering of 3D engineering services for the reproduction, development and manufacturing of pieces for both metallurgical, agro industrial and auto parts industries of the region and to assist in processes of prototyping in CITES startups.

Other attendees at the event were the Secretary of State for Science, Technology and Innovation, David Asteggiano; the Municipal Mayor of Sunchales, Ezequiel Bolatti; CITES Manager, Nicolás Tognalli; members of the Executive Board of the Agency and authorities of Grupo Sancor Seguros, among others.

The beginning of the project goes back to the end of 2014, when it was selected to be financed by the first call for subsidies of the Santa Fe Agency of Science, Technology and Innovation (ASaCTeI, by its Spanish acronym) as part of its support program to scientific research and technologies transference to the social-productive system. It comprises, among the most important points, the acquisition of a high resolution modular portable 3D scanner (the only one of its kind in the province), and an industrial quality 3D printer suitable to work with different materials (only one of its type in Latin America).

Throughout 2015, we began the building the Center of 3D Engineering, which included the incorporation of engineers who were living abroad to CITES professional staff and the purchase and start-up of the 3D printer. “This represents a highly prominent landmark for CITES; for the province and for our region particularly, due to the new potentialities we have today to articulate the innovation and development with SMEs, to improve capabilities of our companies and thus allow our region to be more and more competitive and productive”, commented the Manager of the Innovation Center, Nicolás Tognalli.

By this initiative, CITES reinforces its macro objective of adding value and boosting regional economy starting from the technological innovation in research and development centers, and its transference to the productive sector.