CITES offered speeches in scientific environments of Bariloche

CITES and Fundación INVAP signed an agreement for the creation of new scientific-technological based companies
20 December, 2016
CITES Startups special edition launched together with Fundación INVAP
24 April, 2017

CITES offered speeches in scientific environments of Bariloche

On 1st and 2nd, Dr. Gerardo Marchesini, CITES CTO of Biotechnology and Nanotechnology, offered the speech “De publicar a emprender” (“From publishing to beginning a startup”) in Instituto Balseiro and in INVAP, respectively, in the city of San Carlos de Bariloche (Río Negro).

Discourse explores Marchesini´s experiences, a scientific who became an entrepreneur in the areas of Bio and Nano-Tech. He spoke about the most important things on how to create high technology companies, and at the same time he mentioned the opportunities to transfer from academy and generate a technology based company in the Latin America environment.

Furthermore, during both events, Fundación INVAP was introduced by its Executive Manager, Dr. Verónica Garea. The mission of this entity is to foster national technological development, disseminate good practices of technological management and support life quality improvement of the community where INVAP – company devoted to the design and construction of complex technological systems – carries out its activities.

Later, Dr. Ezequiel Manavela Chiapero, Engineering CTO in CITES, introduced the objectives and scope of activities of the company, first one stop-shop tech-incubator of private management in Latin America which supports the creation of technology based companies in Argentina. After that, Dr. Garea and Dr. Manavela Chiapero talked about the agreement signed between CITES and Fundación INVAP, which will allow a relationship between both institutions oriented to the development of a CITES technological incubator in the city of San Carlos de Bariloche, using the facilities of the company INVAP Sociedad del Estado. This will allow the fostering of CITES activities as an incubator of high technological and scientific content projects, with physical presence in the cities of Sunchales (Santa Fe), San Carlos de Bariloche (Río Negro) and Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, so as to improve the possibilities of creation and settlement of new technology based companies or startups in these regions.

Each of the events ended with the chance of asking questions for the speakers and with a networking space available for all attendees to participate at.