CITES chose the three winning projects for its program CITES ideas 2016

CITES ideas 2016 had its Demo Day in sunchales
9 May, 2016
CITES carried out the launching of its Startups Program Edition 2016
11 August, 2016

CITES chose the three winning projects for its program CITES ideas 2016

CITES released the three selected projects of its program CITES Ideas – MVP Program 2016 within its list of 10 finalists.
The company of Grupo Sancor Seguros launched for the first time this call with the objective of transforming IT ideas into MVPs (Minimum Viable Projects) within acceleration program of three months. The program focused in those technological booming areas such as Internet of Things, Security / Cryptography, 3D Printing, SaaS / PaaS / IaaS and AI / Machine Learning / Expert systems, with application in the fields of Fintech/Banking, AgroTech, HealthTech, InsuranceTech and Data Analytics. While registration to the program was opened, 122 projects were registered from different parts of the country, Latin America, Canada and United States.
Winning projects will receive financing of up to 20.000 dollars for the development of a MVP, advice with the Israeli agency Dr. Eyal Bressler Ltd. for the strategy for protecting intellectual property, mentoring and also the possibility of entering CITES Startups 2016 (pre-incubation program to CITES) and of receiving an investment of 500.000 dollars.

The three selected projects


BSE (Security and Cryptography/HealthTech): system of tools for the acquisition of medical biometric information for insuring identities in patients in care processes. The proposed technology could have applications in FinTech/Banking and security.


3DLab (3D Printing / Scanning/ HealthTech): mobile application and platform in the cloud to make 3D scanning, automatic land marking and acquisition of anthropometric variables which allow the quantification of body shape. Through a simple and noninvasive procedure, variables are calculated in order to analyze body shape, allowing the diagnosis of obesity or similar conditions, being able, at the same time, to access the medical record in order to know specific details, their temporal evolution or reference value.


CloudCero (Cloud/Data Analytics): intelligent system for the management of different services and providers of cloud infrastructure, centralized and with the ability of making management suggestions (cost optimization, efficiency, scalability, etc.) by artificial intelligence techniques. Mainly, it is designed to ease management and administration of services in the cloud on a large scale.