CITES carried out the launching of its Startups Program Edition 2016

CITES chose the three winning projects for its program CITES ideas 2016
20 May, 2016
Grupo Sancor Seguros headquarters for the 1st Work Session organized by MINCyT of Santa Fe province
17 August, 2016

CITES carried out the launching of its Startups Program Edition 2016


On Thursday, 4th and Friday, 5th this month in en Sunchales (Santa Fe), it was carried out the presentation event of the 2016 Edition of CITES Startups, pre-incubation program which has the aim of deeply getting to know teams, business cases and technologies behind the enrolled projects, in order to determine if such projects are aligned with the strategic vision of the incubator. This event will continue from August to November, moment in which projects to be incubated next year will be selected.


In its facilities, the company Grupo Sancor Seguros received the teams of the 20 projects that were preselected over a total of 92 enrolled projects from all Latin America, who shared lectures from national and international speakers and carried out the corresponding elevator pitch.


During Thursday there were offered the lectures of “Why to incubate your venture at CITES”, by Oren Gershtein (Israeli entrepreneur, specialist in technological incubators and strategic advisor for CITES) and “Propiedad Intelectual” (“Intellectual Property”), delivered by Ilan Reiss, lawyer specialist in the subject living in Israel. Other speakers were Juan Soria, Director of Technology Transfer of CONICET and Gabriel Tonetti, Corporative Manager of Strategic and Technological Innovation of Arcor. On his part, Nicolás Tognalli, CITES Manager and Martín Marlatto (CBDO) carried out an institutional presentation of the Startups program, respectively.


Friday was left for the program Demo Day, during which the 20 preselected projects were introduced (mostly from Argentina, but also from Uruguay and Colombia), among which there were the two winners of the program CITES Ideas 2016.
“We have already selected the 16 projects with which we will continue working in order to know them deeper and in November we will define the ones that are going to be incubated here in Sunchales. It is about initiatives related to Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, ICTs, among others. Through this kind of actions we continue to be a key factor within the entrepreneur environment in science and technology of the country”, highlighted Nicolás Tognalli.


It is important to remark that the projects that result chosen will have the opportunity of getting investments of up to USD 500.000 and to be incubated during two years in CITES, the first technological incubator in Latin America focused and specialized in developing complex, disruptive, high impact and worldwide high-tech startups. Besides, its value proposal includes active management and international business advise; access to laboratories totally equipped; technological, market, legal and financing support; and access to mentors, strategic partners, experts, entrepreneurs and investors at a global level.