CITES and Fundación INVAP signed an agreement for the creation of new scientific-technological based companies

12 December, 2016
CITES offered speeches in scientific environments of Bariloche
7 March, 2017

CITES and Fundación INVAP signed an agreement for the creation of new scientific-technological based companies

On Monday, December, 19th, at CITES Co-Working space in the Building of Capital Federal Branch from Grupo Sancor Seguros, it was carried out the signing of the agreement between the Center for Technological, Business and Social Innovation (CITES, by its Spanish acronym) of the hosting company and Fundación INVAP, in an event that had the participation of national and provincial government authorities, officers from the signing entities and different actors from the science and technology environment of our country.


Through this agreement, both institutions seek to carry out collaboration and reciprocal complementation actions for the fostering and execution of tasks to create new scientific-technological based companies, to develop investment vehicles for entrepreneurship capital, to transfer research and development results to the social-productive environment and to train human resources related to these objectives, which, all together, contribute to benefit the development of a high technology entrepreneur environment.


The agreement, signed between CITES and Fundación INVAP, will allow a relationship between both institutions oriented to the development of a CITES technological incubator in the city of San Carlos de Bariloche, using the facilities of the company INVAP Sociedad del Estado. This will allow the fostering of CITES activities as an incubator of high technological and scientific content projects, with physical presence in the cities of Sunchales (Santa Fe), San Carlos de Bariloche (Río Negro) and Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, so as to improve the possibilities of creation and settlement of new technology based companies or startups in these regions.


About CITES and Fundación INVAP

CITES is the first one-stop technological incubator of private management in Latin America which supports the creation of technological based companies in Argentina, by offering financial, technological and management support for entrepreneurs. Added to that, there is the support coming from the corporative areas of Grupo Sancor Seguros, N. º 1 Insurance Company with business in different countries of Latin America, and also with business schools leaders in Argentina and the region. CITES allows the contribution to the development of regional economies thanks to its social, business and technological support, and the benefits of its activities have a direct impact in different sectors.

On its part, Fundación INVAP is a company devoted to the design and construction of complex technological systems, with an experience of forty years in the domestic market and thirty in the international scene. Its mission is to develop state-of-the-art technology in different industrial, scientific and applied research fields, thus creating “technological packages” with high added value, both to meet domestic requirements and to be inserted in external markets by exportation. The mission of Fundación INVAP is to foster national technological development, disseminate good practices of technological management and support life quality improvement of the community where INVAP carries out its activities.