BioDrone went on a tour in Asia and Europe to take part on events of entrepreneur environment

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28 August, 2018
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11 October, 2018

BioDrone went on a tour in Asia and Europe to take part on events of entrepreneur environment

During the last days of August and mostly all September, Franco Garione and Daniel Sequeiros, CEO and CTO of BioDrone, respectively, travelled through countries in Asia and Europe with the objective of attending events on innovation and entrepreneurship and to obtain contacts that allow them to boost their project. It is important to say that this startup incubated and invested by CITES offers pest monitoring and control for agricultural activities in real time and it has recently introduced the first prototype of drones driven by combustion in the world.

In the first place, they attended Innovation Experience, an initiative sponsored by the Israeli Embassy in Argentina that takes Argentinean entrepreneurs to get inspiration from Israeli business people and inventions – known as startupnation due to the numerous companies created there – so then they can materialized their ideas in their countries. In such occasion, they had the opportunity of visiting different startups, big companies, research institutions, R&D centers, incubators, Angel Investors and venture capital from different places of the country such as Tel Aviv, Beer-Sheva, Hertliya, Rehovoc, Jerusalem and Haifa.

The trip continued through Italy, France and Spain where BioDrone CEO and CTO carried out a market research in some of the main wine countries in the world, by visiting research centers, wine producers, vineyards and universities.

The itinerary finished in China, where Franco Garione was invited by the BID (MIF) to attend the World Economic Forum – Annual Meeting of the New Champions in the city of Tianjin. After the finishing of the Forum, he went to Beijing to know the entrepreneur environment in that city, where he visited the companies Innoway, Techcode, Magma and KR38. Finally, he had a meeting with TT Aviation, one of the biggest drones’ manufacturers in China.

About BioDrone

BioDrone is a startup trying to drastically change the agricultural market with an innovating system for pests monitoring and control, two essential tools to avoid losses before each harvest. Currently, these two activities are not connected in real time. The time elapsed between the detection of pests and the application of pesticides is too long and it depends on the availability of applicators, proximity and soil conditions, among other aspects.

BioDrone offers an integrated and smart solution for controlling insects, weeds and diseases in agricultural products. The system allows the detection, identification and localization of pests by its geo-localized smart networks of sensors and instant control procedures activated by spraying drones (unmanned aerial vehicle, UAV by its technical name) with internal combustion engines with a great charging capacity and autonomy.