Acceptance Process

The Acceptance Process of CITES has four phases and it aims at optimizing and clarifying the access to the incubation program.
The complete process lasts between 3 and 4 months approximately, from stage 1 to stage 4.


Why a process of 4 stages?

Because it is the easiest way of managing the complete input in a correct and direct way and of optimizing the effort coming from the staff and entrepreneurs.


Cites is the first tech incubator in Latin America focused and specialized in the creation and development of high technology, complex, disruptive and high impact startups, from Argentina to the world.





Etapa 1: Go / No Go screening

Interview with entrepreneurs with the objective of knowing their project.
The first door to be opened by a startup looking for investment. It consists of an interview to examine the presentation, business plan or any other communication sent by the entrepreneurs, in order to make a fast “go/no go” assessment.
The main question to be answered is: Does the project adapt to the investment strategy of CITES?

Etapa 2: Incubator Staff Vetting

Complete Presentation in front of CITES staff.
The entrepreneur team is invited to make a presentation of the project in front of the incubator staff, since each one provides a unique perspective for the proposal assessment.
The aim here is to present the Value Proposition to CITES and to open the door to the next stage of the process: el Due Diligence.

Etapa 3: Due Dilligence

Understand and validate the startup basis.
It is a comprehensive revision and a research of the validity of the most important basis of the project, so as to have strength when it comes to the investment decision. In the context of investment, the objective of “due diligence” is to evaluate the economic viability of an idea or early stage of business, and which it is usually generated by multiple stages or steps.
The aim is to understand and validate the startup basis and too determine a work plan for the incubation process. It is the most important stage of the process, and it will require a complex work and the cooperation of the entrepreneur team.

Etapa 4: Investment Committee

Presentation in front of the Investment Committee, for its final approval.
The final step in a private technological incubator, after a complete understanding of the vision and the work and investment plan, is the revision by the investments committee.
With the approval of the Investment Committee you complete the last stage for entering the incubation program of CITES.