A new milestone in Argentina

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23 August, 2019
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18 September, 2019

A new milestone in Argentina

It is the Center CITES INESCO, a place of knowledge, health, education and innovation where research, neuroscience, technology and entrepreneurship converge.

This novel center, unique in Argentina and the region, combines the generation of the highest level knowledge in neuroscience and health with investment opportunities in scientific entrepreneur capital, thus creating a platform for the systematic generation of new startups with high scientific and technological content.

The Center CITES INESCO was born by the strategic association between our scientific-technological projects incubator; INECO, an institution of cognitive neurology and neuropsychiatry leader in Argentina which has an interdisciplinary team of world-class doctors and scientists; and the INECO Foundation, a non-profit organization which mission is to support research programs on brain functioning, prevention, detection and treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders, in adults as well as in children.

This great joint initiative, which has taken an investment of 300 million, actively promotes an exclusive “anti-disciplinary” culture, stimulating interaction between different knowledge areas. Its aim is to boost knowledge, health, research, creativity and entrepreneurship. At the same time, it seeks to provide quality service aimed at obtaining higher functional autonomy and a better life quality of patients, constantly innovating so as to create new technologies and treatments.

In this respect, Dr. Facundo Manes, President of INECO Foundation, said: “Knowledge, science and technology must be the basis of our development as a country. Therefore, today we can proudly say that CITES INECO represents a scale model of the knowledge society to which we must aim at in Argentina, prioritizing human development and positioning education, health, innovation and entrepreneurship as the path towards real, inclusive and sustained in time growth.”

Scientific development is one of the key pillars of the new Center CITES INECO, in which we will generate a space for knowledge interchange with well-known entities in a national and international level, promoting synergy and collaboration with state-of-the-art centers around the world.

Alejandro Simón, CITES President and Grupo Sancor Seguros CEO, expressed: “The creation of the Center CITES INECO is a milestone and an example of how science and the private sector unite with the aim of helping society´s development and transformation. I always, from my business person role, try to work so as to have a positive impact on society, generating growth and wealth. Through the opening of CITES INECO, Argentina enters fully into the knowledge economy, by the generation of incubators for disruptive technologies based companies, with global scalability, which will generate foreign exchange and skilled jobs for our country. This will allow a change in our economy and the transformation of Argentina productive matrix.”

By using new technologies, work protocols with solid neurosciences basis and a group of professionals who work in an anti-disciplinary way, the Center will have the ability to serve more than 15.00 patients a year, it will have 29 medical offices, 7 group treatment rooms, a 200 square meters gymnastic and a backyard designed exclusively for a therapeutic purposes.

Inspired in the best specialized centers of the world, CITES INECO gives rise to the Departamento de Neurodesarrollo y CEA – Condición del Espectro Autista – (Neurodevelopment Department and ASC – Autism Spectrum Condition) conceived as a diagnosis platform with international standards, with the objective of improving children and family members lives, focusing on developing autonomy, education and daily management of the family group as a whole. This last remark will allow people with autism spectrum to live fully and integrated to society, exercising their right to education, training and work.

Education has a core role in CITES INECO. The new center houses the Instituto de Altos Estudios del Conocimiento (Institute of Upper Studies of Knowledge), an academic space which aim is to become a generator and transmitter of innovative knowledge that are socially relevant over knowledge processes and human behavior. With an auditorium of 300 square meters for 350 people, multifunctional classrooms and state-of-the-art technological equipment, CITES INECO will be able to host relevant scientific events from all over the world.

It has a co-working place, completely equipped with the latest technology, so as to contribute with the development of an entrepreneurial environment, fostering technological innovation all around Argentina. In this space, entrepreneurs can work with their teams in the development of the startups and have all the communication and computer means they might need. In this way, the center CITES INECO generates a virtuous circle of values creation based on knowledge that our country has rarely experienced.

All these characteristics allow it to become an unprecedented center in our country and the region through the integration of knowledge, neurosciences, scientific-technological entrepreneurship and the latest technologies in neurorehabilitation based on a non-pharmacological therapies such as robotics, virtual reality, biofeedback and non-invasive brain stimulation.

In this way, CITES INECO is positioned as one of the greatest referents nationally and internationally, becoming the only knowledge, health, education and innovation center in which research, neurosciences, technology and entrepreneurship coincide. This new center will allow the guidance for patients from all over the Spanish-speaking region.