3rd National Week of the Technological Entrepreneur in Sunchales

28 August, 2015
CITES opened up its comprehensive center of 3D engineering
25 November, 2015

3rd National Week of the Technological Entrepreneur in Sunchales


In the context of the 3rd National Week of the Technological Entrepreneur, the Center for Technological, Business and Social Innovation (CITES) along with Instituto Cooperativo de Enseñanza Superior (ICES) and the Foundation Grupo Sancor Seguros, carried out the event ¡Despertando Ideas! Segunda Edición: Historias Emprendedoras, (Waking up ideas! Second Edition: Entrepreneur Stories).

The event had the participation of entrepreneurs from Sunchales, Buenos Aires y Córdoba, business persons and members of the Agency of Economic Development of Sunchales (ADESu, by its Spanish acronym), high school, college and university students from ICES and general public.

The working day started with the welcoming to all the attendees by Carlos Blanche, director of tertiary level at ICES in Sunchales. After its speech, the panel “Entrepreneur Stories” was set up, and it was formed by Gerardo Marchesini, nanotechnology entrepreneur and CTO of Biotechnology and Nanotechnology in CITES; Mariano Santa Cruz, engineering and biotechnology entrepreneur, CEO in Design Plus and CTO in PhylumTech; Maximiliano Astor, software entrepreneur and co-founder of CABL & Asociados S.R.L and young software entrepreneurs of Secondary Institute ICES: Guillermina Brunetto, Florencia Andreo, Jésica Acosta, Macarena Moya, Federico Escobar and Sofía Nevado.

Within the panel, each entrepreneur told their experience to attendees, sharing not only their success but also their failures meet along the way. The speeches were focused on the learnt lessons, the importance of technology to face challenges at a global level and the need to create an entrepreneur culture to encourage national economy and positively impact in our community.

Through the creation of these spaces, CITES is looking forward to contribute to the construction of an entrepreneur ecosystem in the area by interchanging experiences in our city and region, boosting the entrepreneur spirit in all attendees.