12 September, 2016 Lucas Moreno

Advisory Council met for the second time for the II Seminar “Towards a productive environment of high technology in Argentina”, organized by CIPPEC and CITES

On Wednesday, 31st, August, in the Capital Federal Branch from Grupo Sancor Seguros, it was carried out the second meeting on gthe Advisory Counsil for the II Seminar “Towars a productive environment of high technology in Argentina”. During the event, it was proposed and discussed the content for the agenda and for the panels at the seminar, which shall be carried out on October, 24th. Moreover, there was an exchange about the participation of potential actors.

As part of its functions, the Council formulates strategic recommendations, as well as it proposes and orientates the objectives for the carrying out of the 2016 edition of the Seminar; it contributes on the identification of topics of vital interest for the debate during the activity; it advises on the definition of key actors and strategic partnerships which shall be present in order to insure the event success; and it acts as Editorial Council of the Seminar Reports and dissemination products that can be developed. It is important to highlight that the Council combines figures from the public and privates sectors, civil society, the scientific-technological complex and it represents different geographic areas, keeping a federal approach.

Counselors for the initiative are: Mariano Mayer, Undersecretary of Entrepreneurs and SMEs from the Ministry of Production of the Nation; Martín Soto, Undersecretary of International Financing Relations of the Ministry of Finance and Public Finance of the Nation; Jorge Aguado, Undersecretary of Policies of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation of the Nation; Héctor Otheguy, General Manager of INVAP; Juan Carlos Soria, Director of Technology Transfer of Conicet; Esteban Campero, Undersecretary of Entrepreneurs; Arturo Torres, Director of Entrepreneur Capital; Susana García Robles Projects Director of FOMIN; Gabriela Macagni, Executive Director of Endeavor; Marcelo Olmedo, President of Promedon; Adolfo Rouillon, Founder of Congelados del Sur; Hugo Sigman, CEO of Grupo Insud; Hernán da Cunha, from Grupo Bagó; Eduardo Estrada, Attaché of the General Direction of Grupo Sancor Seguros; Laura Ge, advisor of Grupo Sancor Seguros; Nicolás Tognalli and Carlos Ingaramo Manager and Vice President of CITES; Natalia Aquilino, Agustina Suaya y Federico Frascheri, Director, Coordinator and Analyst of CIPPEC, respectively.


CIPPEC is an independent, non partisan and non-profit organization that works for a fair, democratic and efficient Estate which improves people´s life. Therefore, it concentrates its efforts in analyzing and fostering public policies that encourage equity and growth in Argentina. Its challenge is to translate the best ideas into concrete actions. These ideas arise in the areas of Social Development, Economic Development and Estate and Government.

CITES, on its part, is the first one stop-shop tech-incubator of private management in Latin America that supports the creation of technology base companies in Argentina, offering financial, technological support and management for entrepreneurs. It allows the development of regional economies thanks to its social, business and technological contributions, and the benefits of its activity have a direct impact in several sectors.