12 December, 2016 Lucas Moreno


Politician, journalist and social entrepreneur, María Eugenia Estenssoro, born in Bolivia and naturalized as Argentinean citizen, visited CITES. She was received by its staff, headed by the Manager, Nicolás Tognalli. There, she toured through the facilities and deepened about the entrepreneur and life experience of each of the team members. Besides, she visited the spin-off Phylumtech and Nanodetección, where she learnt about the activities and objectives of those startups.


The former senator of Argentina (she represented the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires in the political party Coalición Cívica) showed herself very interested and amazed by the potential and the innovation she perceived in all the activities carried out at the core of CITES. It is important to highlight that she also had the opportunity to walk through the Corporate Building of Grupo Sancor Seguros in Sunchales and to participate in a meeting of Sancor Seguros Administration Board.


Among her main achievements, María Eugenia Estenssoro created and was the first President of the Foro Internacional de Mujeres de Argentina, (International Women Forum – Argentina), an institutions present in dozens of countries which fosters the leadership of women in the public function and private sector. She also founded Fundación Equidad (Equity Foundation), where she currently presides. This is a nonprofit organization that implements social and educational programs using the computer and Internet as basic tools.