20 September, 2016 Lucas Moreno


Recently, CITES accompanied Phylumtech, one of the incubated companies, to a road show with pharmaceutical industry benchmarks in Boston, U.S.A. Sergio Simonetta, CEO and Scientific Director of the entrepreneurship, graded the experience as a very positive one and he highlighted the support of CITES both before the trip and also during it, as well as the support offered in the coordination of interviews with main actors of the sector. “With this trip we have confirmed that our proposal is at the same level that the proposals of the pioneer companies of the sector, which allows us to enter the international startups market,” commented Simonetta.
On the other hand, before the trip to Boston, members of Phylumtech showed their products related to aging studies in the Annual American Congress of C. elegans. Such Congress was carried out in Wisconsin-Madison University, with more than 200 researchers from U.S.A and Asia. There, the startup launched to the market its new product WMicrotracker ARENA.
It is important to mention that Phylumtech is a company dedicated to the development of tools and solutions for the discovery of new molecules, in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical areas. The company works on the development and marketing of nine technologies and on providing services for the development of compounds. It mainly uses tiny animal models to carry out tests, which reduces the discovery time of new drugs, costs and the amount of larger animals (dogs, mice or monkeys) that are used in tests.